Michel Barnier

“I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic. I am determined," the EU's chief negotiator said.
This is little more than a brazen attempt to bully U.S. regulators into delaying and weakening U.S. rules, which, as Senator Elizabeth Warren has pointed out, must not happen.
"We need to draw lessons from the Libor case," a spokesman for Barnier said. "We intend to close the regulatory gap in our
Rating agencies are in an inextricable situation when it comes to sovereign ratings. On the heels of their near-collapse of structured products, they must confront the issue of the credibility of sovereign ratings in a holistic way.
However, cash bonuses on Wall Street are down 39 percent since their peak in 2006, according to data compiled by New York's
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has cautioned the European Commission about its latest attempts at financial regulation, warning