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Ignorance isn't a monopoly of any one political party, religion, or interest group. Rather, it's a product of an educational system that has failed for quite some time to produce people with critical thinking skills.
Mashup of GOP candidates repeatedly saying they are not scientists
Is there anyone out there over the age of 13 who has not -- I'll be as tactful as possible -- pleasured themselves, sexually? No? Come on. It's just you and me here.
This is also the core of Tea Party philosophy, that believes it is the Constitution that protects those privileges. Indeed
By 2012, six out of 14 Wal-Mart's direct lobbyists had worked in Congress. In that same year, Wal-Mart retained a total of ten outside lobbying firms, bringing its total legislative agent count to 79 lobbyists -- of which 64 were revolving door lobbyists.
Obama's health care program, with its private doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, isn't close to socialism, of course. But is it close enough to liberalism?
“I feel this is a real opportunity for a candidate to raise the economic issues that the Occupy movement is talking about
The politics of celebrity -- the sexy candidate phenomenon -- leapt from the big screen to the campaign trail. Many seem to presume that a charismatic candidate is automatically capable of being a great leader. That's a formula for success in Hollywood, but is it right for American politics?
It's unpatriotic and irresponsible to ignore sexism.
John Huntsman, who is polling near the bottom of the GOP candidates, is the only one in the group to come out in support