By stating her agreement with the Catholic Church, Bachmann is reiterating a shared belief that abortions should only be
Bachmann should think twice about serving up her miscarriage as proof of her pro-life credentials. In the future she dreams of for American women, it could be circumstantial evidence.
That was really the moment when we opened ourselves up to the reality of how important children are. Not that we didn't think
"I think that's referring to late-term abortion, and I think that's something that most people find anathema, and they would
A coalition of anti-abortion groups performed a string of live ultrasounds on stage in the Congressional Auditorium Thursday
Regardless of whether or not her legislation is feasible or likely to be passed, Bachmann seems intent upon reminding voters
It makes little sense to reject pacifism, to insist abortion is morally equivalent to the organized slaughter of millions of children and then to say that violence should never be used to end abortion.
"At this point, she has no choice but to employ a different strategy," said professor Lawless. "There's something to be said
He shrugged off the campaign aide's concerns. The format will leave each of the candidates stranded in the three-man panel's
Forget the "girl power," Michele Bachmann is no feminist. She may be leading the charge as the first female presidential candidate of the 2012, but make no mistake, the 'f-word' does not describe the Minnesota congresswoman.