If she's not working Capitol Hill as a tea party conservative, you may find Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) working on her
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is calling on Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) to apologize for negative comments he made about
"It's very interesting that the Obama Doctrine tends to be listing up the Islamic jihadist-based Muslim Brotherhood and Al
She's leaving. That's a fact.
It has become a common narrative for politicians in general, but especially so for high-profile members of the Tea Party: She came, she saw, she left in disgrace.
Earlier this year, Bachmann voted against the Violence Against Women Act -- the only member of Minnesota's congressional
Bachmann was recently caught dodging CNN correspondent Dana Bash, who pressed the former Republican presidential candidate
Bachmann and the Tea Party have proven time and again that they don't take the business of governing seriously. Boehner and his fellow Republican leaders should stop pretending like they do.
But even after posting numbers of more $1 million in July, the representative still had less cash on hand than her Democratic
"I'm very nervous because so much is at stake," Bachmann said. Bachmann sat in on the last day of the Supreme Court's oral
Former Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann has been named a witness for the defense in a lawsuit against Tea
"Herman Cain has been a steadfast advocate for the values of the Tea Party and the practical solutions needed to solve the
Kremer's announcement also marks somewhat of a change of tone from the Tea Party, which hasn't coalesced around Bachmann
Nearly a month after a SC spokesman for Rep. Michele Bachmann accused Newt Gingrich of trying to buy off the state's Tea
Bachmann -- who has been outspoken in her support of a federal ban on same-sex marriage -- is not the first GOP candidate
"China?!!!" Americans with functioning brain cells, watching Saturday's GOP debate. Meanwhile, deep inside Bachmann Central Command, there is turmoil...
Blitzer asked Bachmann whether she had an evidence that the Perry campaign was behind the criticism. "Well, of course, we
But the crux of her speech focused on economic policy. Bachmann slammed public sector unions and blamed the economic troubles
When it rains, it pours. We know it seems crazy to have two Caption This posts in one day, but when you're handed two amazing
The problem for Palin is that both she and Bachmann are favorites of an almost-identical slice of the Republican electorate. Which creates somewhat of a zero-sum game between the two: as one gains support, the other is bound to lose support.