Michelle Malkin

The right-wing commentator posted a confusing tweet involving Meghan Markle and photos of Harry in military uniform.
The Fox Business host warned of the Jewish billionaire's financial "tentacles" pervading various organizations.
Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin mocked late Republican Senator John McCain in her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
The conservative pundit claimed journalists started "a stupid catfight" by taking her words out of context.
The crowd at the conservative conference cheered when pundit Michelle Malkin mentioned the late senator in her call for immigration reform.
The annual conference served as yet another reminder of how the conservative movement in America is joined at the hip with the white nationalist movement.
The late senator's wife had a terse but tart response to the criticism.
"When you have an entire class of 800,000 people who feel entitled to be here despite the law, you are creating the very trouble we are in now.”
Tancredo: I love the tea party. I believe they have been a very healthy force inside this body politic, especially for Republicans
Suey Park is the Bitcoin of activism. Her hashtag movements are a digital phenomenon. Her value is determined by how much others buy into her. The lack of institutional backing allows her to disrupt the status quo. And just like digital currencies, hashtag activism is vulnerable to shadowy intrigues and corrupting influences.