At the Taj Boston Hotel during a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser, Warren expressed her admiration for
But the move toward plastic surgery isn't all about short cuts, Reath adds. Getting acquainted with a yoga mat and a pair
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I wore a tank top today. While that may not seem to be noteworthy, if I add that I am 50 years old, than the fact that I wore a tank top, in public, becomes significant. Most women start to cover their upper arms when they turn 30. I certainly did, feeling that no matter how young the rest of me looked, flabby underarms would be a giveaway that I was not only out of shape, but old.
So behold, a little late day tribute to Michelle Obama's famous guns. Do any other late night talk show hosts want to challenge
PHOTOS: First Lady Michelle Obama cruised through Las Vegas today, and we were hoping for some amazing photos of Mrs. O spinning
There are a lot of things we must do in life, not because they are really necessary, but because we are expected to. Increasingly, watching the State of the Union Address appears to fall in this category.
In a transcript (transcribed with painstaking accuracy on the ABC website), Barbara Walters talks to the first couple about
Every journalist, blog commentator, and politician feels entitled to tell the First Lady of the free world what dress to wear when, how much it should cost, and how long the sleeves should be.
February 24, 2009: At Thursday morning's National Prayer Breakfast, FLOTUS wore the same Narciso Rodriguez dress that made