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Katie does a terrific job with my hair. But even better is that Katie understands that the unvarnished truth for a female client who recently reached her (very) early '60's may not always be the best way to go. Tactful, but direct, that is Katie.
The first lady posted a photo of herself on Instagram that proves that the dramatic hair change earlier this year wasn't
Thankfully, it doesn't appear that the White House has an issue with highlights. See FLOTUS' new look below and tell us if
Sure enough, by June, they were inspiring Twitter hate online and serious regret up in the White House (we can only assume
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said that moderator Cokie Roberts introduced the topic of the White House as
The first lady and her fringe headed to Belfast for this year's G8 summit, where she made a speech that sparked mass Twitter
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But in Michelle Obama's new "Good Morning America" interview with Robin Roberts, the first lady confesses, "People think
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Speaking of hair, Rivers also had good things to say about Michelle Obama's new 'do. "I like the bangs," said Joan, "and
Michelle Obama's portrait, her official photo of President Obama's second term, was released by the White House on Wednesday
See more of Michelle's enviable style: In case you forgot what the bangs look like... Now the first lady has finally gone
Forget keeping up with our kids' gorgeous long, luxurious locks. Move over, 20-somethings with your silky hairstyles. We 50-somethings are taking center stage as trendsetters for what looks good at "this age," and we are taking our cues from our first lady.
Click over to Canal Plus' website to watch the whole interview with Karl (warning: it's in French). Pippa Middleton's face
@MichellesBangs: No. My vessel is squarely Democratic. Michelle's bangs fully support Barack Obama. However, there are rumors
The First family made quite the splash in their inauguration outfits at this morning's ceremony. Ellie Krupnick joins Abby to discuss.
Get the details on Michelle Obama's inauguration day outfit!
BY DARLENE SUPERVILLE, ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama has rendered his opinion on what he said is