Thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama and her amazing staff, Let's Move! has made amazing progress over the past few years
The WMC has achieved many notable accomplishments over the past decade, including its annual Status of Women in the U.S. Media
Contestants on the quiz show “Jeopardy!” got a surprise Tuesday night when first lady Michelle Obama appeared to tout her
Mendez, a freshman at the University of Hartford, is being recognized by Obama for overcoming many obstacles on his way to
As the penguins discovered, for example, veterans cannot "make a bed so tight, you can bounce a quarter off of it" -- as
The campaign event for Burke, who is running against incumbent Gov. Scott Walker (R), was held in Milwaukee on Monday. According
"And how well could she be eating?" Ablow said, as a video of Michelle Obama looped in the background. "She needs to drop
The goal line has shifted: from ending homelessness, to ending chronic homelessness, to ending chronic veteran homelessness. If we don't end chronic veteran homelessness in the next 18 months, do we shift to ending chronic female veteran homelessness?
It's clear that ending veteran homelessness is possible with ideas and outlooks like this and the hope is that mayors all over the country will take heed and join in some good old fashioned mayoral competition lest they would be outrun by their neighbors.
Obama sat down in the White House's Blue Room with ABC's Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan for an interview that aired Friday
Graduation always makes me think about importance of mentors in a person's life. Indeed, universities are trying to make mentoring more central to their missions. Universities have mentoring programs and mentoring training.
I spoke with Parks & Rec's Jim O'Heir, who plays Terry, or Jerry -- no, Terry -- I can't keep up. Anyway, we chatted about the season finale, spoilers coming up next season, and what Chris Pratt looks like naked (I asked for pics, still waiting for them).
Chivalry isn't dead, ladies! We can only describe this as the most graceful (and stylish) way to avoid a windy wardrobe malfunction
Have you ever carefully prepared a home-cooked meal (like roasted chicken with root vegetables and fresh herbs on top) only to have your kids refuse to take so much as a bite, insisting, instead, on eating those same nuked frozen chicken nuggets (again)?
First lady Michelle Obama urged Democratic donors at a fundraiser in Los Angeles Wednesday to “write a big, fat check” to
When asked about turning the big 5-0, the first lady quipped “I’m going to be 50 … Fifty and fabulous," ABC reports. We'd
The proper protocol for an invitation involves letting your guest know what to expect -- especially when it comes to food
This is an accessory that every gal needs in her jewelry box! Costume or real, this attention-getter will instantly boost
Check out more of Obama's interview with Parade magazine in the Sunday, August 18 issue. The Obama's family structure served