Thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama and her amazing staff, Let's Move! has made amazing progress over the past few years
First Lady Michelle Obama acknowledged this crusade in a statement celebrating the Women's Media Center Awards ceremony. "I
The stereotypes that she and her husband faced, Obama said, were based on a "limited notion" that others had of the world
To promote her anti-childhood obesity initiative, the first lady got her own category on the long-running quiz show, asking
According to the White House, Mendez said he has learned to be proud of his past after earning his diploma last summer. The
In June, Obama also launched the Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness, which encourages local leaders to end the
Maria Cristina "MC" González Noguera, the communications director for the first lady, told Stingl the handling of the reporters
"I watch Fox News every day," Stelter said, opening the segment, "and I learn a lot about conservative politics ... but may
The goal line has shifted: from ending homelessness, to ending chronic homelessness, to ending chronic veteran homelessness. If we don't end chronic veteran homelessness in the next 18 months, do we shift to ending chronic female veteran homelessness?
It's clear that ending veteran homelessness is possible with ideas and outlooks like this and the hope is that mayors all over the country will take heed and join in some good old fashioned mayoral competition lest they would be outrun by their neighbors.