Michelle Obama's not afraid to tackle style controversies head-on, even calling out her own fashion faux pas. She's also
I was in a mood of "What's it all about, Alfie" when I started to receive a string of texts, from friends, that Michelle Obama was wearing my pin at the State of the Union address.
She has captured our hearts with her spirit and all she has done to improve our country. At the same time, she has captured our eyes with her elegance and style.
Somewhere in America there are little girls dreaming about being the first lady or the first female president, and Michelle's clothes give them hope... hope that they too can defy society's expectations and stereotypes.
Do you know which model was on the first season of MTV's "The City"? Or which fashion designer's first husband was an Italian
PHOTO: We all have our particular tastes, but there's a reason that Michelle Obama has amassed such a huge style following
Target's innovations in design have dramatically raised its profile, setting it above its rivals. It just announced "The Shops at Target" concept, in which a number of boutiques will open up exclusive shops inside stores for a limited time.
FLOTUS must have snuck off for a surreptitious Target run... or, y'know, used her connections to have one shipped to the
Check out the slideshow below of the A-listers in attendance and my fantastic purchases. FASHION RELATED LINKS YOU MAY LOVE
Jason Wu's Spring 2012 collection debuted at New York Fashion Week yesterday, and its mix of elegant silhouettes and classic
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle hosted the Diplomatic Corps Reception in the East Room on Wednesday. For the
Last evening, First Lady Mrs. O capped a full day by attending a dinner with Mexico's first lady Margarita Zavala in Mexico
Michelle Obama looked radiant presenting her Jason Wu inaugural gown to the Smithsonian's first ladies exhibition.
Michelle Obama favorite Jason Wu has a new office and he let WWD take a look. The 9,000 square-foot studio is on 35th Street
We can't wait for their meeting of the style minds. Who Is The Ultimate Game Changer In Style? VOTE NOW! Don't be so modest
Mrs. O is on the cover of the November issue of Prevention Magazine, wearing a fantastic beaded Jason Wu cocktail dress and
A choice group of New Yorkers gave new meaning to late night dining Saturday when they celebrated Jason Wu's birthday at
Designer Jason Wu is a sartorial force to be reckoned with. Usually when someone is described as having shot to fame "overnight," it's used as a figure of speech and not meant literally.
Ikram Goldman, the Chicago boutique owner whose role as Michelle Obama's wardrobe consultant has made her one of the fashion
Finally, it may be that fashion enthusiasts have become accustomed to the sight of a first lady who rarely wears suits, who