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Donald Trump has a new answer for why he's about to lose in a landslide. It's all a vast left-wing conspiracy. No, really.
Stirring speech draws praise from across the political spectrum.
The first lady and her fringe headed to Belfast for this year's G8 summit, where she made a speech that sparked mass Twitter
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Oh, Michelle Obama. I wish you hadn't said it. I truly wish you hadn't said that at the end of the day, "Mom in chief" is your most important title.
Michelle Obama hit the bull's eye in her Democratic Convention speech. But naming herself "mom-in-chief" -- while endearing -- missed the mark.
Michelle Obama's speech can serve to wake us up from the "American Dream" to an American reality where talented Americans inspire us to materialize an America where respect for diversity and facts, supersede illusions put forth by out of touch politicians.
The Daily Dot reports the speech was shared more than 20,000 times on China's Twitter Sina Weibo. The social network also
Michelle Obama brought the WOW factor to the Democratic Convention. She spoke with style, sense and substance. She was beautiful
As thrilling as it was for me to watch Michelle Obama Tuesday night, I can imagine how threatening she might have seemed to others.
There was no talk of "how." That will be left to those later in the week, including her husband, who will lay out the policy prescriptions for job creation and deficit reduction and the roadmap to a vibrant economic future. This was a speech about "why."
Romney (whose chatter about hers and Mitt's basement apartment seemed like just another bright shining, er, unlikelihood) telegraphed her husband's interpretation of the "American Dream": work hard and you can become successful -- that is, rich and famous.
The only problem: that’s not exactly true. “He brought our economy from the brink of collapse to creating jobs again -- jobs
Wired alleges that YouTube's error is most likely due to "pre-emptive content filters, which allow large media companies
Michelle, after watching your speech at the Democratic National Convention, I sat in awe, experiencing for the first time how it feels to hear one of the greatest leaders of our country speak.
A new report found manufacturing activity declined for a third straight month. The Treasury Department announced Tuesday
Michelle Obama electrified the crowd with her speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night. The AP reports
Obama got a standing ovation from the crowd, and as the camera panned around the room, several people visibly wept. Still
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