Michigan Central Station

Ford's rumored purchase of vacant Michigan Central Station raises the potentially ugly tradeoff between private cash and public benefit.
Meghan McEwen of Designtripper lives the dream in Detroit, where she runs the impossibly cool and special hotel Honor & Folly. She took us on a tour of her favorite hometown spots.
According to the real estate blog, rapper Lloyd Banks was rumored to be at the set as well, and despite the music video hype
Detroit — After decades of darkness, the lights are back on at the Michigan Central Station. The Detroit International Bridge
If you were to walk up to D.C.'s Union Station today, you would see a wonderful building, with plenty of vibrant life, full of people. It would be wonderful to see the aging Michigan Central Station become like Union Station.
Detroit is rising and there are plenty of restoration projects taking place in the Corktown and Downtown areas.
A recent book called Ruins of Detroit depicts how Detroit's downturn has turned to decay over the last several years: Abandoned