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"Voters in Michigan’s eighth congressional district have shown that this district is competitive –- supporting President
In a Facebook post Sunday, the Delta County Republican Party published a list condemning "the Republicans Who Have Blatantly Surrendered to the Homosexual and Stealth Jihad Agenda."
“The easiest thing for me would be to just bail out, but the harder decision was to say, ‘OK, I’m going to stay in because
IN THE PREDAWN TWILIGHT of December 4, 2012, Randy Richardville, the Republican majority leader of the Michigan Senate, called
Paul then went to a larger grassroots event at the Grace Bible Chapel, where there were protesters from the civil rights
"Screw you" isn't something that one would normally expect to come out of a politician's mouth while speaking at a Republican
Former Republican State Rep. Dave Agema has been getting a lot of press for his anti-gay comments. The good news is that even though the national party recently reaffirmed Agema's stance, many members of the GOP have nothing but criticism for it.
Michigan's Republicans hold majorities in both legislative houses – 64-46 in the House and 26-12 in the Senate. Protesters
Several union officials told HuffPost that they're facing a messaging problem with right-to-work legislation, as the term
Protesters who rallied against the right-to-work legislation were barred from entering the Capitol building, with at least