The question should not be what a state elected official can do for Detroit, but what Detroit can do for the rest of the world.
Rebuilding Detroit is not only a security issue for residents but a national security issue. We need to make big changes in order to improve both the city and the lives of its citizens. It is my hope that you will entrust me to work for you on these issues.
Detroit and Hamtramck residents -- in fact many residents across Michigan -- have a primary, burning issue. They have a strong need for their quality of life to be improved.
Find out why supporters rallied to pass a millage benefiting the Detroit Institute of Arts, and see pictures of museum fans
Infographics by Jake Bialer, with demographic and district border data from Data Driven Detroit and the state of Michigan
Democratic primary voters in the new 14th Congressional District will choose between Congressman Gary Peters and Hansen Clark
As your representative in Congress, I will continue to champion bold progressive solutions that create jobs, cut student loan and mortgage debt, cut crime, reduce our prison population, and restore financial security for the people of our region.
"We are one of the things that makes Detroit, Detroit," Erickson said. Norman Buright, who listened to speeches as he sat
That shift has not been unique to Michigan. As the table below shows, the "very conservative" subgroup has been Romney's
The entire Michigan result was a "disaster" for Romney, Brabender said. The call was held to try to shift the narrative on