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Peters will replace retiring Sen. Carl Levin (D). See more on the midterm elections below: Republican Terri Lynn Land was
Democrat Gary Peters won the Michigan Senate race on Tuesday. Peters defeated Republican Terri Lynn Land. He will replace
Below, more updates on election news: Peters' predecessor is a venerated and long-serving congressman. Levin has held office
We haven't won in Michigan. We aren't even close. This election may come down to who shows up to vote. The simple question is: Have you talked to your family and friends? Have you done your part to register people to vote?
"Through this partnership with LCV, we will ensure that voters across the state learn about Terri Lynn Land's out-of-touch
Michigan's Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land, who's running against Democratic Rep. Gary Peters, has an interesting
Terri Lynn Land, the Republican candidate running for Senate in Michigan, walked into a scrum of inquiring reporters at a forum on Wednesday and didn't like what she saw.
Peppered with questions about whether she would have supported a federal bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, manufacturing
Really. To sum it up: if Terri Lynn Land didn't happen to believe in fighting for equal pay, she'd be in good company among
Obama is being joined Wednesday at the University of Michigan by Rep. Gary Peters. That makes Peters the first Senate candidate
Land's voter removal programs hit a roadblock in the 2008 election year. The American Civil Liberties Union challenged some
"Terri Lynn Land is gaining support from Michigan families because they know they can trust her as a mom, small business
So fear not, politicos hoping to mark the one-year anniversary of a Michigan congressman's political implosion. The Michigan
With former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's older brother, Scott Romney, having declined to run for Michigan Senate
Levin -- who announced Thursday that he would not seek reelection in 2014 -- was first elected to represent Michigan in the
Scott Romney, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's brother, is looking at running for retiring Sen. Carl Levin's seat