Michigan State University

Are recent expressions of strength and solidarity the high-gloss version of “thoughts and prayers” – or will they lead to a response?
The Michigan State men's basketball coach has put his emotions on display following last week's deadly shooting.
Three students were killed and five more injured after a man opened fire at several locations on MSU’s campus on Feb. 13.
“I’ve never seen so much blood,” Michigan State University Professor Marco Díaz-Muñoz said after a gunman shot students in his class Monday.
Anthony McRae, 43, had no connection to Michigan State as a student or employee, police said.
A fraternity chapter president, a science student and a student who wanted to become a pediatrician are among victims of a shooting at Michigan State University.
Survivors of previous shootings are now having to relive another massacre.
The fifth anniversary of the Florida school shooting came just one day after a fresh tragedy in Michigan.
A 21-year-old woman recalled the lingering effects of enduring the Newtown, Connecticut, mass shooting in a viral social media post.