"The Walking Dead" said goodbye to Danai Gurira.
Does new footage hint at Michonne's death? Or are we overthinking this?
Danai Gurira tells us how it all went down.
Did Michonne take the peanut butter bar? Now we finally know.
Danai Gurira is multi-talented acting force of nature, super-fabulous in bringing such emotional depth to her role on The Walking Dead. Her performance is the kind we have not seen lately, in the sci-fi drama genre or, frankly, any other genre.
A director's work is often tricky to review on the basis of one production -- in the case of a first work, it is often unclear what is a director's idea versus what is a stage direction in the script itself. It is also hard for people to separate actors' choices from a director's touch. But after a period of watching a director's work, you get it.
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