Jessica Nabongo has traveled to 125 countries, and she's experienced the most racism in her home country, the U.S.
White men must take responsibility in ensuring deeply entrenched systems of inequality are toppled in academia.
My experiences as a Black man taught me how to console my students.
I refuse to hunker down and hope my home withstands the storm when I could shelter with my neighbors and rebuild together.
Microaggressions often emerge in the midst of good intentions.
Not having to think about race is a luxury that women of color do not have. We moms of color often walk into a new moms group knowing that we may be the only person of color in the room, and if we see another woman of color, we may be pleasantly surprised and relieved.
I started this piece by essentially saying that our children have the ability to change the world they live in. But the reality
What can be done to help our society move away from sorority racism? There are no quick fixes, but we can start by validating everyone's individual experience as true and authentic, even if -- especially if -- we don't understand it or can't recognize it.
Not unkindly he asks "what program?" I tell him that I am starting my PhD. Without hesitation he responds "were you in prison?" The question stupefied me. I immediately thought, "Dude, I have never even received more than parking ticket. What would make you think I was in prison?" It's not like I have visible tattoos, as if that is some guarantee of previous incarceration. Yet, inherently, I knew he was referring to my pigmentation and perceived cultural background.
Positing the blame solely on a vocal, but still small group of individuals who voice these concerns, calling this a "movement" in order to fan the flames of reaction, and slapping them with a dismissive label only makes matters worse.
Somewhere down where we don't like to go, is a place where racism lives. It's automatic and hidden. Binding and resistant to change. No matter how well-meaning we are, no matter how open-minded. Like the "root kit" on a computer, racism is hidden and operating without our knowledge.
Student activists demanded colleges make campuses more inclusive, and many universities are trying to do just that.
'Sorry, I just saw you and thought you looked suspicious.' Lorena Monique dos Santos/Tumblr "If you want to be a lawyer, first