In a paper just published in Nature Microbiology, my colleagues and I show that antibiotic resistance genes have now become
While preliminary, a new study suggests targeting gut bacteria may hold promise.
One study looked at the Amazon Rising exhibit, home to this red-headed sideneck turtle and other reptiles, birds, primates
It's not just that a stomach ache can sour your day. It's more than that. The enteric nervous system is a mesh-like network
Switching to a healthier diet won't get you too far unless you have the right gut bacteria.
Another recent study, led by Eran Elinav, fed mice several commercially available sweeteners (saccharin - Sweet-n Low, sucralose
We must view all of these findings through the lens of understanding the greater picture of the overall microbiota health.
Targeting the gut could create a new class of psychiatric treatments.
Hyde and Knight: American Gut is different from other microbiome research studies both in terms of operation and scope. Because
One of the bacteria we noted was quite depleted in the sick patients is a Faecalibacterium, which is a very important bacterium
At Shedd Aquarium caring for the quality of water animals live in and depend on does not stop at the front doors.
The startling effects of microbiome restoration shows great promise for the actual healing of so many chronic and inflammatory
9. Depression 8. Anxiety 1. Glutamine -- an amino acid that rebuilds your gut lining. Anatomy 101 7. Brain Fog 4. Reflux