13. Join the "Key West" like crowds at sunset on the new 2 ½ mile Route 52 causeway that links Somers Point to Ocean City
Production is increasing, new jobs are being created and the industry is having a positive effect on the U.S. economy. It seems as if there is still plenty of room for eager entrepreneurs and craft enthusiasts to take their own place in the industry.
After centuries of domination by its neighbors -- Belgium, Germany, and England -- Holland's brewers are finally picking up the mantle and forging a new, distinctive, Dutch path.
Unless a brewer uses them in a beer within 48-72 hours of being picked, they need to be dried to a certain water density, they have to be preserved in cold storage, and then pelleted. If this does not happen, they will rot and be useless.
The last decade has brought a resurgence of craft breweries across the country. The coolest not only make outstanding beer, but also are designed with a sense of place in mind, offering activities, brewery tours, and personality to match.
I like beer, so my travels frequently find me seeking out places that make great beer. Luckily, I live in a state where some passionate people built local breweries that make craft beer. And while there is still lingering suspicions of bizarre liquor laws in Utah, recent changes to the laws have made it a non-issue.
"I am scaling my homebrewing to a new level and entering the market as a nanobrewery," Roginson says. "As far as I know, I
(SCROLL DOWN FOR HISTORIC GABF PHOTOS) The 31st Annual Great American Beer Festival is almost here! Beginning Thursday, nearly
The site is also home to the Cinespace Chicago film studios, where the Kelsey Grammer-starring "Boss" and a number of other
Beer has been integral to the city's history since the earliest days of European settlement, when it was generally safer to drink than the water.
The city has more than 70 brewpubs and microbreweries, as it continues to lead the world of craft beer.
Thirty-packs of watery Busch Light and longnecks of Bud have lost their luster, as novel beers that are as bitter as grapefruits, aged in bourbon barrels or even dosed with wild yeasts have slid into the spotlight.
How did the craft beer movement get started? There are so many factors that set this movement in motion early on, but there
It came about because of my dad. He was always an "idea guy," and he came to me in college and asked what kind of job I thought
Breweries in attendance include Avery Brewing Company, Boulder Beer Company, Breckinridge Brewery, Great Divide, Left Hand
While millions of bleary eyes will gaze longingly at Denver next week when the Great American Beer Festival, Denver Beer
The beer of the day was a pumpkin ale, containing 2-row Breiss, Weyermann Pils, Weyermann Munich, Breiss C-60, Weyermann Caramunich, Fawcett Pale Chocolate, Northern Brewer Hops, East Kent Golding Hops and an 18-generation yeast.