Brazilian doctors are tracking babies whose mom’s had the Zika virus. Some are faring better than expected.
This will not be the last mosquito-borne virus that will affect humans. There are hundreds of others waiting in nature for
This explains why Zika virus can have a devastating impact on babies, even when their mothers had only mild illnesses.
Babies born with normal head circumferences developed microcephaly and other complications after birth.
How much of a game do we want to play with something so dangerous to humanity?
The country also confirmed its first microcephaly case.
Prevention is an investment. Investments in local, state and federal public health infrastructure are necessary to stop the spread of Zika and other infectious diseases in the United States, as well as address the health outcomes for those who are infected.
Even if babies were born with normally-sized heads, they may still suffer lifelong effects from Zika exposure in the womb.
These results are the "missing pieces in the jigsaw" proving a causal link between Zika and microcephaly.