After so much fun in the sun (yes, even if you SPF), fall is the time to peel and reveal.
Gentlemen, listen up! Okay, so maybe guys in our demographic don't need to be screamed at, or better yet, told what to do at our age. But for those who aren't paying attention to basic grooming, there's a very good chance our wives, girlfriends or significant others are starting to look younger -- even a lot younger -- than us. Sound familiar? Or, worse, look familiar?
For ethnic spa goers, many times the preliminary conversation to determine what we use on our skin, why we use it and what we expect to achieve from our facial is omitted. Were you aware that such a conversation should even take place?
O magazine editors test beauty products, treatments and trends to determine what really works.
Dana Elise Payinda, owner of Dana Elise Solutions, is being charged with eight felony counts of practicing medicine without
ANSR Beam Light Therapy   Technology isn't just for the dermatologist's office anymore. At-home devices for beauty and skin