We found evidence of a negative relationship between women’s participation in microfinance and gender inequality.
Islamic Relief is supporting efforts to improve the global regulatory environment, with the aim of achieving wider uptake
The story is the same in Paraguay, where women earn an average of 30% less than men, and women working in agriculture earn
To feel powerless in the face of need is to ignore that need is only a signal of an opportunity to innovate. So, take a step
Schoenberger gives a lot of the credit to Accion, which lent him about $7,500 to help upgrade his catering operation from
Ultimately, when coming up against a myriad of issues while trying to create a sustainable solution and a business where
At the NATO summit in Warsaw, German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered her support for a continued NATO presence in Afghanistan, citing a need to stem the persistently high levels of Afghan immigration to Germany and Europe.
The White House State of Women Summit was an awe-inspiring gathering of more than 5,000 leaders in business, politics, and
The move to mobile in the savings and lending groups capitalizes on the increasing accessibility and use of mobile technology in Africa, even in some of the remotest areas.
I founded and run an organization that includes an orphanage, and I hate orphanages. Just one of the many mind-bending situations you find yourself in when working in community development, halfway around the world.