Let this kitchen appliance earn its keep by putting it to work using these brilliant tricks.
A miraculous meatless Monday microwave meal!
SLOW SOULS He's admonishing us to slow down and cherish this. A DYING BREED When I lived in the city of Pittsburgh, there
Hey, you: stop scrubbing that SpaghettiOs crust. There's a much easier method for cleaning the mess in your microwave, and it doesn't involve paying someone else to do it.
The Easter Eggs of 1973 didn't turn out as well as the ones this year. We had just gotten our first microwave oven...it was huge, you could roast a turkey in it!
But, little did we know, the secret to cleaning a microwave with ease is probably sitting hanging out in our fridge's produce
When I'm not eating pistachios, you can find me wandering around the house with a jar of Nutella. I always buy two jars at
④ Let Them Eat Cake Far better than microwaving raw cookie dough for a rather oily but acceptable snack, the light-as-air
In my opinion, pre-packaged Rice Krispies Treats don't hold a candle to homemade ones.
Jerry, who is convinced that inanimate objects are out to get him, got some great advice from 83-year-old super salesman