Almost three years ago, Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner were scheduled for execution in Oklahoma on the same night. You
Some scientists say possibly. Others aren't convinced.
The state is being challenged by inmates who claim the use of the drugs is unconstitutional.
About the Author: Stephen Cooper is a former D.C. public defender and worked, for three years, as an assistant federal public
Let's be honest. Whether or not the death penalty, as a whole, is constitutional was never at issue in this case. The question regarding necessary standards and uniformity in the method for executing inmates, however, was in full display.
Citing previous rulings, Alito noted that while methods of execution have changed over the years, "[t]his Court has never
I have always loved the Supreme Court. As a law student, I made pilgrimages to the Court to listen to arguments. It fortified me and inspired me for the hard work and sacrifice ahead.
Other states have approved backup methods for capital punishment, should they run out of the necessary chemicals or the lethal
The logical response to Clayton Lockett's bloody, pain-filled, unconstitutional execution in Oklahoma eight months ago would be to prevent such torture from happening again. But Oklahoma has another idea for its first execution since Lockett's.