middle age

But then there are times, like in today's political turmoil, or during a certain stage of life - that we are drawn to take
The finding has serious implications for preventing falls in older age.
Red Corvettes are just low-hanging fruit. Do you have an orange Dutch Oven?
I have some news that may surprise you. The season we call fall is finished. Autumn is history. This is the year, you see
Late one autumn afternoon, in 1983, I drove my tired 1968 Rambler Rogue across the Connecticut River, as I did nearly every day.
There are a plethora of things about parenthood that no one tells you (and even if they did, you'd have no way to prepare) but I'll tell you this: I was not at all prepared for how exhausting it would all be. Sure, I knew the first year would be rough. I didn't know it would continue for the next several years with no end in sight.
You're getting a haircut for what's left and idly pick up the closest magazine, People. You discover that Kelly Ripa who
I’m at the tail-end of a monumental life transition. It’s very exciting, but it’s also been scary as hell. A part of this
Restful shuteye at night can sometimes become elusive as we get older.