Middle America

As Democratic presidential candidates look to make a headstart with heartland voters, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-V.T.) met with HuffPost in Iowa to outline his vision for rural America.
Last week, New York Times reporter Andy Newman published an excellent piece on the revival of the neighborhood surrounding
(a non-partisan look at why 60% of us are stressed out....or... Why can't I have my own John Oliver typel show on HBO?) An
Credit: Engineering Course, Southeast Community College Meanwhile, American workers, and the governments they elected, remained
Smart Asset, a personal finance technology company, conducted research to find out what geographical areas have the least stressed residents.
For the middle class today, homeownership is well within reach in some parts of the country, but in others, it's more of a pipe dream than the American Dream. Even after taking income differences into account, homeownership affordability varies hugely across the country.
There is nothing that hammers this point home more than driving though middle America, stopping at gas stations in small towns and big cities, and getting to see and interact with those who do not live "inside the Beltway."
A 2012 study by economic forecasting firm IHS Global Insight attributed rising college debt to young peoples' decision to
OK, I'll just blurt it out: I am moving to the Midwest. Please calm down, especially you, Mom and Dad. I know you never saw this coming and I suspect you have questions and concerns. I've anticipated some of them below.
Jim Gaffigan recently spoke with me about why he's reaching out to military families, why becoming famous has been both a blessing and a curse, and why his stand-up doesn't need swear words to hit home.