middle class

“I know I’m always referred to as 'Middle-Class Joe,'” the former vice president has said like 500 times.
Trump’s staffers are worried that no one believes them or the president any more. Seriously.
The president seems to want a do-over of his last tax bill.
It's not just billionaires who are benefitting from runaway inequality.
Workers are the very people who produce the profits on which capitalism depends.
In 38 states, a larger share of households were “middle class” — defined as earning between two-thirds and twice the state’s
“Let's pass tax reform that permanently benefits all middle-income and working-class families without giving tax breaks to the top 1 percent," he said.
Not even the middle class is a clear winner in the Republican plan.
President Donald Trump was short on details in talking about his plans for tax reform.
Blue-collar work is in demand for a reason: fewer people want to do it.
For tens of millions of Americans, life is about to get a whole lot tougher.
President Trump "promises" to use tax simplification to reduce everyone’s taxes.
It is in no one's interest for the decline of the middle class, not the government, elites and the people themselves. Those
The thing I have noticed most since our ill-fated election is FEAR! Please don't let that happen. Please don't let your vote
You think you voted for Trump, so that he can "shake up" Washington to your benefit. Simple, right? Not so fast. Here is what you really voted for, based on the long-track record of the incoming power elite.