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The removal from Syria of the Assad regime's stockpile of chemical weapons shows that joint efforts can yield positive results. Likewise, by agreeing to extend the international negotiations on Iran's nuclear program, the parties to the talks have kept alive the promise of a final deal, which would be a great victory for multilateral diplomacy.
The real time bomb being set by ISIS is the implosion of Saudi Arabia as a foundation stone of the modern Middle East. The real target of ISIS must be the Hijaz -- the seizure of Mecca and Medina -- and the legitimacy that this will confer on ISIS as the new Emirs of Arabia. We should understand that there is really almost nothing that the West can now do about it but sit and watch.
Ahmed and HuffPost Middle East Correspondent Josh Hersh discuss the fact that people are jumping off bridges in order to escape violence in Egypt
Another country - besides Amsterdam - has taken the title as the marijuana capital of Europe.
The U.S., European Union and others have condemned Bashar al-Assad -- to little effect. The missing international voice has been Syria's northern neighbor, economic benefactor and the Middle East's newest regional power: Turkey.