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Teachers around the country are in the midst of long distance learning during the coronavirus and are all finding new ways to bring what they’ve learned back into the classroom in September.
The school resource officer has reportedly been placed on paid leave amid an investigation into the incident in North Carolina.
A place that had once been so safe and happy became full of anxiety, sadness and fear.
The incident at a San Antonio middle school highlights the state's youth gun violence issue, with Texas leading the U.S. in unintentional shootings by children.
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A 13-year-old faces assault charges in the attack, which the mother said came after her son was bullied about his ethnicity.
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Hulu's show about outcast teens in the early aughts is as good as getting passed a note from your middle-school BFF.
After the initial shock of his son's death subsided, Azim realized that there are victims on both sides of the gun.
Kids at one Massachusetts middle school stunned their teacher by breaking out into song at his engagement brunch.