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* Middlescent: A person in the stage of life between young adulthood and elderhood - approximately 45-65 years of age - searching
We're feeling far better at midlife than we ever imagined we would and also feel that we are hitting this developmental milestone later and later in life.
When I bring up the term "middle age" it probably doesn't conger up the most positive of images. Let's test this theory out
EBONY: How different is midlife than menopause? Glenise, it's been a pleasure. EBONY: Why is it important to know your life
Life's possibilities during this time are endless if we embrace the truth of midlife and all it has to offer us.
As I entered young adulthood, and broke free of the parental role my mother and I shared, I distanced myself from Mom. I wanted to be different from her in just about every way conceivable.
So what's wrong with claiming our seasoned status? For me, absolutely nothing. I'm a seasoned woman, and I have no qualms with being viewed as such. Why? Well, I'm not a rookie at life. True, I'm no Yoda, but I've been at this gig for 52 years.
Do what you say you're going to do. Tell the truth.
Why is our society so dismissive and negative about big changes that happen in midlife? And what if midlife reinvention, as I prefer to call it, isn't a crisis at all but an opportunity for self-discovery as we transition from one phase of life to another?