Sure there are slam dunks like Rango taking home Best Animated Feature, and The Artist will probably win big in most major categories, but I suspect a bunch of upsets in the acting categories.
Although there were some fantastic films I didn't expect to see on the nomination lists, like Midnight in Paris, I'm going to put in my two cents for the names that weren't called.
Here's my stab at predicting most of the categories for the 84th Annual Academy Awards.
In the process of supporting it -- by creating more and more film festivals and innovative release platforms -- we may have ghettoized our independent cinema.
Those of us who stare longingly into the past as a time when life was better are not, as is suggested in Midnight in Paris, unable to cope with the present.
It is greatly worthwhile to celebrate the notable movies of 2011 that took the risk of advocating for democratic freedom, the political principle that makes so much film artistry possible.