Midnight Special

And those are Joel Edgerton's books. Good point. With your background in indie film, there's very much an indie sensibility
The young actor's latest movie, "Midnight Special," opens this weekend.
Dunst: I believe there's something else. I do, I think it's egotistical of us not to think there is something else out there
A beautiful moment presents itself when I ask Lieberher how he prepared for such an extraordinary role, which he admits he
Cults, car chases, a kid with lazer beam eyes, a satellite from outer space! What more could you want in a movie? As director
Michael Shannon and Jeff Nichols' latest collaboration opens March 18.
So far at Berlinale, there have been groundbreaking films, films about love, films about current affairs, movies about the past and some looking to the future. Some push the boundaries of reality, while others really stick our noses into the nitty gritty of surviving.
Berlin, so far, has been cathartic for me. I've watched a movie, The Dreamed Ones by Ruth Beckermann, that reinvents the idea of romance and takes it to a cerebral level, thus suggesting the concept that in order to love, we don't have to be next to a person, it's enough to feel them to carry them in our heart.