midterm election

A year after the Women’s March on Washington, a record number of women are running for office in 2018.
We'll never know if Democrats could have emerged from the November 4th election with a few new Senate seats because once again they blew it. They weren't out-organized or outmanned. They were outthought, out-chutzpahed and, ultimately, out-foxed.
In Richmond, California, a slate of progressive candidates faced off against a challenge from pro-business candidates backed to the tune of more than $3 million by the energy giant Chevron. For years, Chevron has treated Richmond like a company town and its large refinery there has been a constant source of health and safety concerns.
Republicans in Congress just won a smashing electoral success by essentially doing nothing but mercilessly block Obama's agenda. That, to put it another way, is a winning formula for them with their base voters.
I live in Oregon and we just legalized recreational use of marijuana. I may need to smoke some, but for medicinal reasons, to create a new mental space to make sense out of how the country voted Tuesday. Welcome to our society of colossal contradictions.