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A year after the Women’s March on Washington, a record number of women are running for office in 2018.
We'll never know if Democrats could have emerged from the November 4th election with a few new Senate seats because once again they blew it. They weren't out-organized or outmanned. They were outthought, out-chutzpahed and, ultimately, out-foxed.
In Richmond, California, a slate of progressive candidates faced off against a challenge from pro-business candidates backed to the tune of more than $3 million by the energy giant Chevron. For years, Chevron has treated Richmond like a company town and its large refinery there has been a constant source of health and safety concerns.
Asked which party was more extreme, Americans were about evenly divided, with 32 percent naming the Democrats, 33 percent
Tuesday, America held the most important election of our lifetimes. I know, because we've had 18 of them that I could vote
Republicans in Congress just won a smashing electoral success by essentially doing nothing but mercilessly block Obama's agenda. That, to put it another way, is a winning formula for them with their base voters.
So, there was an election this week. Republicans? We're sure you're pretttty happy with yourselves. Democrats? We're just
Other bills likely to see action in the month-long session include one to extend some temporary tax provisions, a bill renewing
I live in Oregon and we just legalized recreational use of marijuana. I may need to smoke some, but for medicinal reasons, to create a new mental space to make sense out of how the country voted Tuesday. Welcome to our society of colossal contradictions.
Weingarten also highlighted union victories, noting that their candidates won in places like Pennsylvania, where education
California state Sen. Mimi Walters (R) has won the race to represent California's 45th Congressional District. Walters, who
Between now and then, little governing involving Congress and the White House will take place. The president will implement
Sometimes it seemed that only two issues mattered in the midterm election campaigns just ended -- two issues on the lips of politicians nationwide, at the top of the news 24/7, and constantly trending on social media: ISIS and Ebola. Think of them as the two horsemen of the present American apocalypse.
"It's a vicious cycle, and I'm not getting anywhere," Sock says. Sock tried signing up for Obamacare, only to learn she fell
We've got six states in the Too Close To Call category, but fear not! After providing a rundown of the races, I am adding a section below where I make my own picks for each of them (since it is Election Eve, after all, and thus time to put up or shut up).
More than 413,000 people in Kentucky have obtained health insurance thanks to Kynect, the state's adaptation of the Affordable
You want policies that will yield more renewable energy and more energy efficiency for Maryland. Decisions made in this decade will make all the difference in whether we have livable communities for ourselves, our children and future generations.
The polls for Tuesday look grim for weak-kneed and squeamish Democrats who have not stood up for Obama--or the substantial achievements of his party--over the last six years.
The Koch's tidal wave of money can corrupt our democracy, but we must not abet it with our silence. We must go the polls and elect leaders who will protect the air we breathe and build a more sustainable future for our children.
Keep an eye on the 50 percent mark as the votes are counted. Perdue probably has the best path to winning outright, but polling