Midterm Elections

The findings indicate that concerns about protecting democracy helped Democrats beat expectations in November’s elections.
The report is expected to explore internal concerns about candidate quality, the lack of a clear governing agenda and the party's unwillingness to embrace early voting.
Critics complain the new units were more about politics than rooting out any widespread abuses.
Decision was made after officials heard from three conspiracy theorists who claimed that the counting machines weren't certified.
In Colorado, a mandatory recount is triggered when the margin of votes between the top two candidates is at or below 0.5% of the leading candidate’s vote total.
Republicans' wait for a majority in the U.S. House dragged into another day Tuesday.
Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have been on a collision course from the start.
Throughout the country, reformist candidates who were attacked as weak on crime won their elections Tuesday.
A career police officer and sheriff in Las Vegas who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump has been elected governor in Nevada.
With control of the U.S. Senate on the line, Nevada’s protracted ballot count is grinding through a fourth day.