Midterm Elections

Seven states, in particular, are being targeted, the FBI says.
History is still on the side of the GOP, but Rep. Steny Hoyer was feeling confident enough to list races he thought Democrats would win.
Groups affiliated with the Democratic Party went on air against Republican candidates for secretary of state running on Trump's election fraud lies.
The volatile Freedom Caucus is itching to shut down the government and could throw McCarthy out of his leadership position.
Sarah Bryner and Paul Blumenthal join HuffPost Live to clue us in to what dark money means for campaign contributions.
The list of suspected security breaches at local election offices since the 2020 election keeps growing, with investigations underway in at least three states ― Colorado, Georgia and Michigan.
Biden portrayed House and Senate midterm elections as a clash between his agenda and extremist attacks on voting, abortion, privacy and climate protection.
In Oklahoma, New York and Florida, Democrats and Republicans are fighting for the future direction of their parties.
Driving the voters who rarely cast ballots to turn out may be the trick to bringing climate hawks off the sidelines.
Midterm House flips have happened in 1954, 1994, 2006, 2010 and 2018 — and on average the number of laws dropped by half.