“Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan took to the streets of Georgia to encourage voters to head to the polls.
Even by his own admission, President Donald Trump is anything but presidential.
"We saw wins up and down the ballot, and we are on fire," the head of the National Education Association said of the midterms.
Ayanna Pressley made history as Massachusetts’ first black woman elected to Congress.
Some of Fox News’ biggest personalities shunned any pretense at impartiality and stumped for the president ahead of the midterms.
Former President Barack Obama urged people at a Nevada rally to go out and vote in the upcoming midterm elections.
We dare you not to cringe as a simple debate question stumped Texas Senator Ted Cruz into six seconds of painful silence.
The 2016 presidential candidate told Rachel Maddow the November elections are the last good opportunity to stop President Trump.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faces an uphill battle in Queens and the Bronx against powerful incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley.
Midterm races around the country have some controversial candidates.