Even by his own admission, President Donald Trump is anything but presidential.
"We saw wins up and down the ballot, and we are on fire," the head of the National Education Association said of the midterms.
Ayanna Pressley made history as Massachusetts’ first black woman elected to Congress.
Some of Fox News’ biggest personalities shunned any pretense at impartiality and stumped for the president ahead of the midterms.
Former President Barack Obama urged people at a Nevada rally to go out and vote in the upcoming midterm elections.
We dare you not to cringe as a simple debate question stumped Texas Senator Ted Cruz into six seconds of painful silence.
The 2016 presidential candidate told Rachel Maddow the November elections are the last good opportunity to stop President Trump.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faces an uphill battle in Queens and the Bronx against powerful incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley.
Midterm races around the country have some controversial candidates.
Recent elections show Trump’s endorsement of Republican candidates spells defeat polls.
Democrat Conor Lamb pulled off a stunning upset in a deeply red Pennsylvania district.
Give money. Go volunteer. Spend this summer and next getting to know the voters in your state by walking door-to-door. Or
If you are constantly relying on your parents and teachers to remind you to complete your assignment, it's time to do that
I teach at a preschool and I find every way I can to work with my kids to make sure they take something away from each activity. Why should college be any different?
Loath as we are to admit it, there was no single Biggest Winner Of 2014, because the award must be handed, collectively, to the Republican Party. A case could be made for Mitch McConnell, since he will win the biggest prize of any Republican next year: control of the United States Senate.
When voters pass minimum wage hikes in four of the reddest states--Alaska, South Dakota, Nebraska, Arkansas--but still reject Democrats nationally and, perhaps more troublesome, even locally, that should tell you something. It also provides more clarity in terms of the lessons of this election.
My family remains a bit lost as we figure out what to do post-midterms. Our 11-year-old who remained involved throughout the midterms is ready to move on. In the car the other day, she nudged me to find a new hobby.
John McCain would much rather have been elected president back in 2008, but for a man who was soundly defeated by Obama, being a Shadow President against that very same man is the perhaps the second-best thing that he could have hoped for.
Congressional Republicans said Friday they are considering a series of showdowns over funding the government if President
Research finds that felon disenfranchisement laws have influenced the outcomes of both presidential and Senate elections. Such laws disenfranchised almost 6 million voters this year -- most of them poor and people of color.