Midtown Miami Walmart

After more than two years of bitter debate between advocates of Walmart and opponents who said the world's largest retailer
Tonight, city council members will decide the fate of one of Miami's most divisive issues: Walmart's bid to build a big-box
A Miami zoning board denied an appeal by a group of activists Wednesday to stop giant retailer Walmart from building in Midtown
The City of Miami surprisingly approved Walmart's application for a permit in Midtown Miami this week. We get the message loud and clear. Walmart's money talks, the public's concerns can walk.
Against the unanimous opposition of its Urban Design Review Board, the City of Miami issued a permit to Walmart on Monday
If Walmart builds its Midtown Miami location as it is designed today, the potential for pedestrian injury could be high. The plan is riddled with design flaws and areas that don't meet zoning code.
Walmart's plan has not complied since conception, nor at any time of submission -- because it is basically the same request, only repeated, and repeated again.
Once your city sets a precedent ignoring clearly articulated standards to Walmart, how can they say no to the next developer to come along with an idea to make money at the expense of rational planning?
The Herald reports that Walmart declined an opportunity to rework its plans and have a second hearing with the UDRB, which
Right now it's time for the City of Miami to heed the will of its citizens, stakeholders and the plans we've created for Midtown Miami and issue a firm denial of application to Walmart.
"We believe that a Walmart in Midtown could be part of the solution for folks who need a job or want access to more affordable
The Miami city commission, which is not required to follow the recommendation of the planning and zoning board, will cast
At a meeting on Wednesday, the City of Miami’s Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board (PZAB) will consider a proposed amendment
There’s a new twist in the debate over Walmart and the future of Midtown Miami. Read more on Beached Miami
"Bringing a Walmart to the the center of a thriving community is a horrible idea," wrote blogger A.C. Fernandez of Annush
The company that wants to build a 16,000-square-foot Walmart on a parcel of land at the southwest corner of Midtown has rescinded
Walmart's plans to move to Midtown Miami may have just met their first organized and funded opposition. What seemed to be
With plans for a proposed mega Walmart store in Midtown moving forward, reality sets in for many art fair organizers who
One signee Sabrina Kamil writes: Read the rest of his op-ed here. Stern recently started a NoWalmartInMidtown petition on