Black midwives are uniquely positioned to see what has gone wrong in maternity care and how we can attempt to make it right.
From a postpartum hotel to home visits from a trained professional, these international care practices will have you looking for your passport.
State Department data shows passport denials in suspect midwife cases have dropped under Donald Trump. You wouldn’t know from reading the Post.
The series is part of a campaign from the global nonprofit WaterAid.
“It was better than we could have ever hoped/prayed for and am eternally thankful."
Today is the International Day of the Midwife and as such, I’m going to take my chance to sprinkle a dusting of positivity onto this week.
Jennifer Crook, Birmingham certified professional midwife breaks down why midwives are being criminalize in Alabama and says critics are trying to distract from the state's real health care crisis.