My husband could have sent me postcards from our vacations, given the time I spent in bed during them.
Most people don't know the signs or the difference between different types of head pain, according to doctors.
The Broadway star has dealt with the condition for years -- sometimes even during a performance.
For HuffPost Wellness' series 'Living With,' we're giving you a guide to navigating conditions that affect your mind and body.
"I started seeing weird bright lights in the corner of my eyes, and after a few minutes, I couldn’t see anything on the page."
The distinction between a headache and a migraine can be hard to define.
Did you know that many patients who suffer from sleep disorders are also dealing with a problem directly related to disorders in their temporomandibular joint (TMJ)?
I have been suffering from two chronic pain conditions for most of my life.
When I learned I was pregnant, I knew my pain would affect my parenting, but I didn’t realize just how significantly.
Results showed that the severity of the headache pain improved significantly while individuals were on the plant-based diet
Just because someone looks good today doesn’t mean they look good every day.
A few weeks ago, my 8-year-old son experienced a blistering headache and needed to lie down. As every mom knows, you run
Tonight, I will go to bed and my heart will do the crying for me, hoping that some day a switch will appear and magically give me a life again. I desperately seek to eliminate my title of chronic pain patient and restore it to just "mom."
6. Be Prepared Be sure to pack your go-to migraine remedy. Whether it's a prescribed medication, homeopathic option or essential
Don't throw in the towel just yet. There are ways to survive the day. Try these seven simple strategies to save your next workday.
I was recently chatting with a therapist friend of mine who works with women struggling with low sexual desire. She shared