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RG: Would you advise migraine patients to try a ketogenic diet? Di Lorenzo: There are not particular risks for patients who
Did you know that many patients who suffer from sleep disorders are also dealing with a problem directly related to disorders in their temporomandibular joint (TMJ)?
I woke the next morning with a migraine hangover, a better appreciation of sick subway riders (they're not all drunk), vomit
6. Be Prepared Be sure to pack your go-to migraine remedy. Whether it's a prescribed medication, homeopathic option or essential
Migraines cause severe throbbing in the head, sensitivity to light, sounds or smells, and are brutally painful. Researchers
Don't throw in the towel just yet. There are ways to survive the day. Try these seven simple strategies to save your next workday.
The often-misunderstood condition is "incredibly disabling," Dr. Joshua Cohen, M.D., a headache specialist and neurologist
What if you get headaches? The right piece of music can make you feel euphoric in just moments. Much of this effect is due to an increase of various neurotransmitters such as dopamine.
Migraines steal these days. The rest of the world keeps going and you are left in a dark room trying to go somewhere deep in your mind where it doesn't hurt, until it leaves. For me, it's been more than 30 years of this, so naturally, I've had to find ways to cope.
Well, that sounds like a fun alternative to Excedrin.
"Parents should be aware that our medication choices aren't as good as they should be," said Jennifer Bickel, a neurologist
For the millions of Americans who get migraines, identifying and avoiding migraine triggers is part of everyday life. But
Today, many in chronic pain are still without their Excedrin -- the popular migraine pill has not yet made its way back on
Topiramate seemed to do a bit better than relaxation therapy and exercise in terms of reducing the severity of migraine pain
Migraines can be excruciating for patients, incapacitating them for hours or days at a time. They are also frustrating for doctors, who often find that the condition resists their best efforts at treatment.
Dreaded, unpredictable, and even demobilizing in some cases, I felt so relieved when a study was published with real findings on the effect that massage can have on relieving migraines.
I'd rather suffer the pain of the headache than the pain of the emergency room. And it occurred to me that this is what it looks like when our health care system has broken down.
I've lived with migraines for fourteen years and after trying every remedy under the sun I finally found something that helped ease the pain: words. They were written by Joan Didion in 1964.