A federal judge in Louisiana ordered the Biden administration to stop phasing out a public health rule that allows the expulsion of migrants without a chance to seek asylum.
President Joe Biden is struggling to deal with a surge of migrants on the southern U.S. border, as seen in photos showing crowded Border Patrol tents that are not designed for long-term custody.
About 5,500 children were forcibly removed from their parents under former President Donald Trump.
“Let us stop ignoring reality, stop constantly shifting responsibility, stop passing off the issue of migration to others," Pope Francis said during a visit to the Greek island.
France’s interior minister said it's the biggest tragedy involving migrants on the crossing to date. Four suspected traffickers have been arrested.
One agent who posted a video in a Facebook group of a migrant falling off a cliff to their death was not fired, as recommended, but given a 30-day suspension.
The temporary pause is in response to images of Border Patrol agents on horseback charging migrants and whipping at them with ropes.
The Democratic Senate majority leader urged President Joe Biden to cease the expulsion of Haitian migrants who have been massing at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Immigration rights advocates have slammed the order as unconstitutional and xenophobic. The Justice Department said it is "dangerous and unlawful."
President Joe Biden has come under criticism from progressives for keeping asylum off-limits to many.