migration crisis

"Les Migrants", oil on canvas, 30 cm x 30 cm, june 2016 "Les Migrants" (detail) --- Is there a meaning to the light and dark
It seems evident that the refugee burden cannot rest upon Germany, Sweden and Austria alone: Austria, a country of eight million people, accepted 90 thousand applications for asylum in 2015, more than one percent of our population.
For thousands of migrants from Africa, the Sahara is the first step. For many, it is also the last.  
People are still showing up at our borders here in Hungary. ZsuZsa from Migration Aid spends her days helping refugees find new ways across the border, keeping them informed with current intel and updated maps.
At the end of the day, I am a Turkish astronomer running around in a European costume, humming Arabic lullabies and making anise tea.
We all fluctuate as we live, at times evolving, at others regressing. The perilous act of self-examination can be daunting
What is happening geo-politically in our world that stirs this human disaster that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán seeks to withstand on his Serbian border?
And no, politicians, they didn't come here for "the free stuff."
The image is featured in the latest edition of their magazine.
Meanwhile, the country is kicking out thousands of Colombians.
The migrants were all transboarded onto the Italian ships and were being taken to either the island of Lampedusa or ports