"Yes, this was a long time coming but timing is everything & we will continue to do things our way always & forever," the new bride wrote on Instagram.
Celebrities teamed up with the ACLU for a video titled "My Name Is Mirian."
"To see innocent people ripped from their way of life, to essentially be incarcerated and used as cheap labor is really crazy, man," he says in the video.
This playlist is straight fire. 🔥🔥🔥
He revealed his "ambitious" goal in a recent interview.
Artists like Kendrick and Brittany Howard sprinkled their black star power all over the Grammy Awards.
Along with his uncorrupted face and pubescent tenor, that kind of zeal over starry peripherals would put him at around 19
Grammy-winning R&B singer Miguel will adorn the cast of writer, director, and star Ben Affleck’s Prohibition-era crime drama
But you won't hear any of that material on his latest album, "Smokey & Friends," out Tuesday. The collection of Robinson
The best word to describe the confluence of music and passion that poured off the stage is "spiritual," Carlos Santana's mission reaching way beyond merely products and broadcasts. Earlier in the day, I asked the artist, "How does spirituality play into your creativity, where does it come from, what is the process?" His answer was enthusiastic and emotional.