miguel cotto

Here was someone who overcame all the odds--raised in abject poverty to become a record-setting boxer despite his size. Here are four Pacquiao fights that coincided with milestones in my family's autoimmune/cancer/bipolar journey.
A few hours before Miguel Cotto challenged Sergio Martinez for the middleweight championship, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini told me, "Everyone thinks the way to beat a southpaw is with the straight right down the middle, but it's really the left hook."
Nah. Thanks to television shows like "24/7" on HBO, Mayweather is as known for his mouth as he is for his fists. Love him
The air inside the Mayweather gym is stingy. Swarms of smelly, sweating reporters, fans, children and hanger-ons surround
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When the fight was stopped in the 10th round everyone cheered for Cotto, as there were no Margarito fans in this party the TV was turned off and everyone went back to dancing with another reason to celebrate.
Before all the talk begins to fade about what happened on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Hotel, let's reflect on a historic fight and two men that gave us our money's worth.
There's more to Filipinos than a man who can throw punches in a ring, of course, but Manny Pacquaio's success, in ways big and small, has unified and validated a sizable minority group from a country that, with 92 million people, is the 12th most populous in the world, just one spot under Mexico.