Know Your Value

We need to start talking about the issues that women face in a way that allows us to be vulnerable, raw, and real. What is it like to make more money than your husband? How do we connect with our children when everyone is moving at warp speed? What can we say to millenials, entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to change their path?
Knowing your value means knowing what you value most. It's really about where you place your own worth -- not where others think you should place it -- and standing up for that, owning it -- and knowing its marketplace value, too.
If you missed it, our kickoff Know Your Value event in Philadelphia, PA was a huge success! These women are givers -- and so we're going to give them the opportunity to grow their sense of personal and professional value. I can't wait to see what the next Know Your Value event in Washington, D.C. has in store.
The "Grow Your Value" bonus competition drives home the message that it is important for women to both learn their value and communicate it effectively.
After my initial elation at the rise of conferences for women, I decided to dig deeper and check if anything substantive is being accomplished at these events. Or are women's conferences simply an excuse for a feel good work day away from the office?