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This paradigm was also exhibited in the 2010 mid-term elections; the Republican Party won three of Arkansas' four seats in
Even though South Carolina couples have been getting married since last month, Wilson has continued his losing battle to stop the weddings. But the longer he drags out his appeal, the more money he may wind up having to give to a coalition of gay rights groups.
To the police, Belynda wasn't a victim. She wasn't a stunned and grieving widow with three children. She was a suspect. No, she was worse. In their eyes, she was the perpetrator.
Arkansas? The state that gave us Walmart and the World Championship Duck Calling Contest? Correct on all fronts. But it's also home to Beebe, the outgoing governor who recently blew the lid off fatherly love through a promise he plans to deliver before leaving office in January.
Outgoing Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe (D) told a local television station on Wednesday that he would pardon his son for a 2003 marijuana conviction.
Boozman's recovery was of concern to his party as it tries to recapture the Senate in this autumn's elections. Boozman, 63
Another article published by Climate Nexus comes to nearly the same conclusion. But research by Kevin Trenberth of the National
Although Senate GOP leaders supported Beebe’s efforts to push the expansion last year, Senate President Pro Tempore Michael
Republicans in Arkansas are threatening to revoke health care coverage from some 85,000 state residents who have already signed up for benefits.
In both legislative and gubernatorial races, neither party seems to have the upper hand nationally. That is a marked change