Mike Crapo

The legislation would give credit monitoring companies an edge in the mortgage business.
A provision benefiting veterans has gotten less beneficial, according to a Democratic senator.
A monumental opportunity has presented itself as Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio, takes over as the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Congress looks ahead on the critical issue of housing finance reform.
Often, those funds come from forest management programs aimed at preventing forest fires, said Jim Douglas, director of the
Republicans expect that McCain would become chairman of the committee because of his greater length of service -- rather
Millions of Americans may soon become part of an expanded government database that would give two federal regulatory agencies an up-close and personal view of their private financial lives that, if breached, could make for a really bad day for a whole lot of people.
McConnell's option to grant executive agencies the flexibility to direct the cuts appeared Tuesday to be the most likely
UPDATE: And how hard did the GOP push against the notion that control of the "purse strings" should be ceded to the White
Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) drank vodka prior to being arrested in Alexandria, Va., on Dec. 23, according to court documents
In an unrelated incident in December of last year, Randy Babbitt resigned from his post as FAA administrator after he was