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Mike D speaks about his success in a very grounded way and does not seem the caricature that so many rock stars seem to become
Margot Magowan and Nina Youssefnia join HuffPost Live to talk about the difference between boys and girls toys.
Earlier this week, there were several rumors circulating about what happened exactly between GoldieBlox and The Beastie Boys
Last year we were surprised (to say the least) to learn that Mike Diamond, aka Mike D from Beastie Boys fame, joined up with
Yep, Miami, this is your brain on Mike Dee. And Mike D! And the Florida Legislature! And possibly drugs! The inspiration
"The first words out of Mike's mouth were, 'I don't want to do a straight memoir,'" Janklow said. He noted that the band
Mike D of the Beastie Boys has put quite the spin on classic toile prints with a Brooklyn vision that pays homage to some
Yauch was not only a musical pioneer with Beasties; he was an activist and humanitarian. Wherever there was injustice, there was Yauch, wherever there was a voice to be given to the voiceless, there was Yauch.
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WATCH: The legendary hip hop group, who shot to fame with their 1986 record "License to Ill," put together a 30-minute short
While the band has to make sure Yauch is strong enough to tour, they do have other plans, Mike D said. UPDATE 3:: Adam Yauch