Mike DeWine

Locals demanded that the Republican governor take action after mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, Texas left a total of 31 dead and dozens injured.
The crowd at a prayer vigil held for the victims of this weekend's mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, shouted "do something!" at Gov. Mike DeWine.
The legislation signed by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine would have effectively banned abortion at about six weeks.
Republican Gov. Mike DeWine's signature makes Ohio the fifth state to ban abortions after the first detectable fetal heartbeat.
Republican Gov. Mike DeWine is expected to sign the bill, which would effectively ban abortion at about six weeks.
George Wagner III, his wife and their two sons have been arrested in the 2016 slayings of seven Rhoden family members and a victim's fiancée.
He beat Democrat Richard Cordray in the midterm elections, keeping this swing state under GOP control.
The Republican is accused of tanking sexual harassment investigations into his friends and political allies.
The news comes two weeks after Ohio's attorney general sued five drug manufacturers for misrepresenting the risks of opioids.
Thomas Hartless killed three people on Friday, including his ex-girlfriend, a police chief and a nursing home worker, authorities say.
During his campaign for the Alabama Legislature last year, now-State Sen. Larry Stutts, a Sheffield Republican and OB/GYN, vowed to get the government out of the middle of the patient-physician relationship. He made no mention of the fact that what he really had in mind was putting insurance companies back in the middle of that relationship.
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Forty-one million dollars. That's a serious piece of change. And it's the amount of tax revenue Ohioans stand to lose over the next five years if Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has his way.
Declining to debate, especially when it's an incumbent who is declining, continues the erosion of trust between the people being served and the person in the elected office. It is a sign of disregard for democracy, and the voters who pay their salaries and finance their campaigns.
DeWine was able to seek indictments against adults, mostly school officials, as a result of Ohio's laws about who is legally required to report cases of suspected child abuse, including alleged sexual assault of minors. While many states have been exploring the idea of passing similar laws, few have.
I also understand that your opinions are based on your religious beliefs, but guess what? Those beliefs where passed down
To deny Jim Obergefll and his dying husband John Arthur recognition of their marriage is not just mean and plain wrong; it shows that you do not care about doing what is right, and that you do not care for all the citizens of Ohio. You just care about the ones who see the world like you do.
This case highlights the truly strained and hollow arguments that an Attorney General dedicated to defending discrimination has to muster in court, particularly after the Supreme Court's recent decisions