Mike DeWine

The country is now averaging over 1,300 deaths per day from the coronavirus.
Churches and other sacred spaces are exempted from most of Ohio's coronavirus-related laws.
Trump’s remarks signaled how contentious the campaign may get over the coming months.
The Republican was initially tested just before he was scheduled to greet President Donald Trump in Cleveland.
Ohio's Mike DeWine joined North Dakota's Doug Burgum in urging people to set aside politics and put on masks.
Nino Vitale says he won't wear a mask, and doesn't want others to wear one either, because the face is the "image and likeness of God."
When governors like Gretchen Whitmer shut down their states, they almost certainly saved lives -- by the thousands.
The newspaper's editorial board slammed Gov. Ron DeSantis as "a lightweight" and contrasted his coronavirus failures with another GOP governor's leadership.
Do religious rights trump public health during the coronavirus outbreak?
On Sunday, Ohio, Louisiana and Delaware became the latest states to issue stay-at-home orders. "We are at war," Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said of the decision.