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To dole out fines for wall art, or sell the Detroit Institute of Arts' assets to satisfy creditors in the city bankruptcy, would be to destroy the core of what sustains this city and will continue to make it stronger.
I love Detroit enough that I am willing to fight for its recovery and do whatever is in my power to give back to it. Although I moved to New York and now DC, I have continued to implement financial education programming in the city.
Mayor Duggan cannot rest his laurels on mere trash pick up and snow removal. He has got to attack poverty in Detroit head on.
Yet Snyder is eager to show progress in resolving the city's crisis before next year's election. “What I’d like to do is
DETROIT -- Voters today elected Detroit's first white mayor in 40 years to help lead the struggling city out of bankruptcy.
Not many people say this -- but Detroit is where I want to settle down, buy a house, and send my kids to school. Politics is therefore critical to how I shape my future in this community. I can't blame the system for failing to work for me, if I never got involved to help change that system in the first place.
Duggan himself hesitated to relaunch his campaign. His supporters throughout the city, though, changed his mind. So why should the people of Detroit pick Mike Duggan as their man, write down his name, and fill in that circle on the ballot?
Former Detroit mayoral candidate Mike Duggan is considering re-entering the race as a write-in candidate. Duggan cut short
On Wednesday, he said he had interpreted the charter, which he called out for having "flaws," in the same way that others
That is, until one of his opponents, Tom Barrow, filed a challenge to Duggan's campaign with the Detroit Election Commission
The Michigan Supreme Court acknowledged Friday morning that it had received a filing from Detroit mayoral candidate Tom Barrow
Mike Duggan will hold a 10:45 a.m. press conference to make an announcement about the future of his run for Detroit mayor
DETROIT- The top two spots in the race for Detroit mayor go to former Detroit Medical Center CEO Mike Duggan with 38 percent
This week in front of more than 500 supporters--and after months of dodging questions about whether he would run--Mike Duggan
Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon is under fire from some after making comments about Palmer Park not really being "Detroit