Mike Enzi

The longtime conservative will not be seeking reelection at the end of his fourth term.
Several GOP senators have criticized the president's dismissal of the FBI director, but they embrace taking no new actions in response.
Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam in pink tutus.
The Wyoming senator was speaking to a group of high school and middle school students.
Bears. That’s what Betsy DeVos had on her mind during her confirmation hearings in January. It seems that Senator Mike Enzi
The trouble is, neither the Fed nor the GAO considered just how European this whole thing is, which is far more important
That would seem to make it likely that any Obamacare repeal effort would run afoul of a point of order, which takes 60 votes
Sen. Debbie Stabenow got voted down by Republicans when she tried to make them reveal the costs of repealing Obamacare.
The budget does not actually specify new breaks for the rich, but it does assume that existing breaks won't expire as currently
Class war is precisely what we've been seeing for decades now -- but it's been waged for, not against, the wealthy. And Republicans have been its dutiful servants from the start. It might make a good hashtag, come to think of it: #RepublicanClassWar. The wreckage of this war can be seen all around us.
Yes, apparently that's a new word now: "cromnibus." Now, some, editorially-speaking, have been insisting on "CRomnibus" or "Cromnibus," but for the time being here, we've decided that it doesn't qualify for proper-name status in any way.
See below for more elections news: Democrat Charles Hardy lost in his race against Republican Mike Enzi for the U.S. Senate
Sen. Mike Enzi (R) won his re-election race against Democrat Charlie Hardy in Wyoming. Enzi was first elected to the Senate
See below for more election news: Enzi had faced an early challenge from Republican Liz Cheney, who ended her Senate campaign
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